Alix Lasers ® the new era of immediate help in 3D with Apple Vision Pro

Alix Lasers ® die neue Ära der Soforthilfe in 3D mit Apple Vision Pro

Experience a new era of remote support at Alix Lasers ®

With Alix Lasers and TeamViewer Spatial Support, experience the new solution for the Apple Vision Pro. TeamViewer brings the laser directly to the desks of our specialists.

  • Reduce your downtime by creating detailed 3D models of devices and systems on site
  • Solve complex problems yourself using simple, interactive instructions
  • We see the problem and can solve it quickly with you, the new seamless communication from anywhere

With spatial computing and industry-leading remote connectivity, remote support is now more immersive than before.

Alix Lasers relies on the outstanding remote support capabilities of TeamViewer. Thanks to innovative spatial computing technology, we achieve a level of quality that has never been achieved before.
Enter a new era of aftersales support.

Our spatial support solutions are based on a deep understanding of operational technology that TeamViewer has acquired through the development of TeamViewer Frontline, an industrial augmented reality (AR) platform, and through strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as SAP, Microsoft and Siemens.

The integration of TeamViewer Frontline enables Alix Lasers to use spatial information in real time and combine it with augmented reality elements. This creates a unique user experience and enables even more precise and efficient remote assistance. Collaborations with leading global companies strengthen our expertise and open up new horizons for innovative solutions in the area of ​​industrial support.

Dive into the future of aftersales support with Alix Lasers and TeamViewer. Benefit from our leading position in spatial computing technology, increase the efficiency of your processes and maximize the performance of your company. Together we shape the path to the next dimension of remote support.

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