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KI Intelligenz Jetzt mit Behandlungsratgeber- ALIX SKIN MASTER + FACE SCAN

AI intelligence Now with treatment guide - ALIX SKIN MASTER + FACE SCAN

 ALIX LASERS ® SKIN MASTER 24 AQUAFACIAL 13 handpieces - deep cleansing - facial refreshment - facial care Skin tightening - skin renewal - light therapy - cold therapy - carbon cleansing Blackhe...

Alix Lasers ® die neue Ära der Soforthilfe in 3D mit Apple Vision Pro

Alix Lasers ® the new era of immediate help in 3D with Apple Vision Pro

Experience a new era of remote support at Alix Lasers ® With Alix Lasers and TeamViewer Spatial Support, experience the new solution for the Apple Vision Pro. TeamViewer brings the laser directly...

Alix hilft! Welches ist der beste Laser für mein Studio?

Alix helps! Which is the best laser for my studio?

Which performance? How many treatments? How many impulses? What is the right laser for my studio. Follow our guide.

Alix Lasers ® präsentiert weltweit ersten KI Beauty Roboter

Alix Lasers ® presents the world's first AI beauty robot

The first fully automatic AI Beauty Robot is finally here! Alix Lasers® presents a groundbreaking innovation for the beauty industry. This unique robot, equipped with advanced Alix AI intelligence...

Alix Studio Onlineshop: Alles, was Ihr Kosmetikstudio braucht

Alix Studio online shop: Everything your cosmetic studio needs

In our new Alix Studio online shop, we offer over 4,300 products, everything you need to perfectly equip your cosmetic studio. From exclusive beauty tools to trendy accessories - here you will fin...

SILENT ICE - Qualität verpflichtet seit über 12 Jahren

SILENT ICE - Committed to quality for over 12 years

Alix Lasers ® stands for innovative laser and light systems, the software of which is developed in our Swiss location. For more than 10 years, product quality has been measured based on the late...

Ein Handstück für jede Zone - kinderleicht montiert und eingestellt

A handpiece for each zone - easily assembled and adjusted

All Alix diode lasers (except Pro) now have the IceCool system with additional 5 different zone handpieces. You can now reach every zone in your treatment and therefore work absolutely eff...

AOS 6.0 - Qualität verpflichtet seit über 12 Jahren

AOS 6.0 - Committed to quality for over 12 years

Auto Pilot 6.0 from Alix Lasers is the easiest way to remove hair effectively and quickly. Auto Pilot 6.0 has over 12 years and many hair removals behind it. Thanks to our numerous customers a...

Willkommen in der ALIX SPEED ® Klasse 

Welcome to the ALIX SPEED ® class

Welcome to the ALIX SPEED ® class The Alix Speed ​​series sets new standards and brings a lot of new products to the market that make your work easier and your customers even happier. Alix L...

ALIX SPEED ® Ein weiterer Highlight von uns

ALIX SPEED ® Another highlight from us

quality and safety at Alix Lasers® We attach great importance to it Excellence and our products are made from the highest quality materials Manufactured to ensure durability ...